Summer HVAC Tips to Save Money

Summer is here and hot as ever. With fewer options for travel and entertainment, we’re all spending more time in our homes. Make your AC work for you for bigger savings this summer and have one less worry on your plate to better enjoy time with your family. With warmer temperatures and longer days, the time to check-up and enhance your air conditioner can maximize your HVAC unit’s efficiency.

Here are some tips brought to you by your friendly and local Austin air conditioning and heating system installation, repair, and maintenance company.

Clean your Filter

Your HVAC unit may not have been used much during the winter or spring, which means that your vents have accumulated dust. Before it’s hot enough to use your AC, check on your vents and vacuum off any accumulated dust.

Check your filter every month. Debris builds up quickly in the summer because it’s frequently running. Examine each of your vents to ensure that they are open so that your HVAC can spread coverage throughout your property evenly.

Upgrading to a higher MERV filter may be the right choice for families suffering from asthma and allergies. A highly rated filter eliminates contaminant particles, like mold spores, dust, and pollen. The whole family can feel more comfortable, while the higher-quality vent protects heating and cooling equipment and saves you money on replacement costs.

If you still see issues, then there might be a deeper problem that can be addressed with a recommended tune-up from a knowledgeable technician.

Schedule a Tune-Up

If you didn’t schedule a tune-up in the spring, consider this a wake-up call.  Your AC unit will be working it’s hardest during the summer, and having an HVAC technician inspect your unit is necessary before firing it up. You’ll regret skipping this essential step if your unit suddenly stops working in the hottest months of the year. During a preventative maintenance tune-up, our professional technicians will inspect, troubleshoot, and care for your HVAC unit to ensure efficient performance, so your unit runs competently and saves you money in the process. Your technician may suggest that it’s time to upgrade to a newer model. A newer AC model will be more energy-efficient and lead to cheaper energy bills. The reputable professionals at MLD HVAC will use their expertise to connect you with the perfect unit for you and your family’s needs.

Thermostat Settings

Besides tuning up your unit or replacing your filters, you can save money on your unit through your thermostat settings. Installing a programmable thermostat can personalize your conditioning schedule around new changes, like your family’s new schedule with the kids out, or travel and vacation plans. With this new-fangled technology, you can control your thermostat’s settings, even when you’re not home. We all know Texas summers get HOT. So don’t waste your AC unit’s resources when you and the family aren’t home. A smart thermostat can be set on vacation mode, for your unit to turn off, or to let the indoor temperature rise so that your AC doesn’t overwork during these hot summer months. Save money and stay cool by adjusting your thermostat accordingly to everybody’s schedule.

Clear the Area

Make sure your unit is clear of brush, debris, and other obstructions. Plants, branches, and other items can buildup around your unit, limiting airflow and preventing your system from cooling your home. Clearing away leaves and shrubs is a treatment you should practice year-long. Cleaning right before the summer may not catch anything as the material could be caught in the interior of your HVAC, limiting your ability to thoroughly clean. Your unit should have two feet of space free of shrubs and branches and vegetation. Maintenance of this area is necessary not just for cooling your home, but also for heating your home going into the winter.

Open your Vents

Improve airflow by identifying blocked vents and removing those obstacles. It’s necessary to ensure that your vents are open and unblock because they allow the cooled air to flow through the ductwork into your home. While closing your vents to unused rooms may seem like a good idea; in reality, this does not save money on energy but makes your HVAC system less efficient. Efficiency is increased when furniture and other items are moved away from the vents to facilitate active air circulation through your home and back to the AC system. Opening your vents and clearing objects away from the vents will allow the HVAC system to create an even temperature around the house while maximizing efficiency.


Sun penetrating through windows can dramatically increase your indoor temperature. This causes your AC to work harder to overcompensate for the sudden heat up. Blinds, drapes, window coverings can prevent heat buildup during the summer. Heavier curtains do a great job of denying access to sunlight and heat. For further insulation, window treatments such as glazing or shading can keep your house cool while still keeping your home bright and open with natural light.

On especially windy days, natural wind and airflow can be observed using a windsock or similar instrument to see the direction of the wind movement. Opening windows that are in the direction of the wind can cool your house down. Combined with open pathways for breezes to fill your whole home and proper shading, you can keep comfortable with rising temperatures even without using your AC. Allergens and other particles may find their way into the house, so those of us with allergy issues may not want to overdo this method!

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