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4 Reasons Your HVAC Filter Isn’t Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

When you have an HVAC unit, the system will always come with a filter. This filter is an important component of your HVAC system, as it can help improve your home’s indoor air quality. After all, it is the part that blocks particulates in the air that can be harmful to your health. Unfortunately, there may be some instances when your HVAC air filter will seem like it’s not doing its job.

1. Not enough runtime – According to HVAC pros, if you want your filter to clean your indoor air, the unit needs to run for as long as possible. After all, if the system is turned off, then it won’t filter the air the way it’s supposed to. As such, it’s understandable that if your unit isn’t getting enough runtime, it won’t improve your indoor air quality the way it’s meant to. With that in mind, if you want to efficiently double the runtime of your unit without having to spend more on energy costs, be sure to get the right size of HVAC system.

2. Low efficiency filter – When buying air filters for your HVAC unit, heater installation pros recommend that you look at the filter’s Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value; or MERV. This is because the higher the filter’s MERV rating is, the more pollutants it’ll filter out of your indoor air. If your unit’s filter doesn’t seem to be doing a good job improving your air quality, it’s possible that the filter’s MERV is the problem, meaning you should have your air filter replaced immediately.

3. Incorrect filter installation – On the other hand, if it seems like the filter isn’t doing much to improve your indoor air quality, call a technician to inspect the unit as soon as you can. This is due to the fact that it’s possible the filter itself may have been improperly installed, causing a filter bypass in the process. This can prevent your indoor air from being properly cleaned.

4. Not enough airflow – Finally, if your indoor air quality still isn’t improving despite the filter that you’ve installed, it’s also possible that you aren’t getting enough airflow. Often, this occurs when your ducts and filters are sized too small, increasing pressure in the system and reducing the airflow throughout your house. With that in mind, be sure to contact a technician to have the unit and your home inspected to see if this is indeed the cause of your indoor air quality problems.

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