Winter Safety Tips for Space Heaters

As temperatures in central Texas cool, residents are preparing Austin heating and air systems to make sure their furnaces and space heaters are ready to keep homes comfortable throughout the winter.

Whole room and personal space heaters are great for controlling the comfort level of specific areas in your home while working to lower your monthly Austin heating and cooling expenses. They also come with inherent dangers that have the potential cause damage to your house and your family.

The following safety tips will help to keep the rooms in your home toasty until the spring while reducing the risks of using space heaters.

Location is Key

Some space heater units can be mounted on the wall, while others need more space to ensure their efficiency and safety. Keep your space heater at least three feet from furniture, windows, bedding, clothing, and other materials that can catch fire. Make sure the space heater is on a stable, even surface, and never place or drape anything on top of the unit.

Plug Space Heaters Directly Into Outlets

Using extension cords to plug in your space heater will increase the risks of overheating, fire, and personal injuries from electric shock. If you have to use an extension cord to use the unit safely, make sure it is the proper size and rate for your space heater.

Protect Space Heaters from Tipping Over or Overheating

Modern space heaters often come with safety features such as tip-over protection that will automatically shut the unit off when it is tipped over. Over-heat protection is also becoming standard in newer space heater models, turning off the unit when it approaches unsafe temperature levels.

Inspection and Maintenance

Like any other electrical appliance, they require regular inspection, cleaning, and a similar type of HVAC maintenance Round Rock residents can use to help keep space heaters in proper working condition. It is particularly important to ensure your space heater is in top condition when taking it out of storage and plugging it in for the first time this season.

Shut Space Heaters Off When Not In Use

Space heaters should not be left running when unattended, even if you are leaving the room for a short amount of time. Some units have timing features that will shut the space heater off after a specified amount of time. This will help to make sure your Austin heating and air conditioning units will not run indefinitely if you forget to shut it off or fall asleep while it is running.

Keep Space Heaters Away From Water

Unless it is specifically designed to do so, avoid running the space heater in areas where water is present, such as the bathroom or your damp, humid basement. Touching or operating the unit with wet hands will increase the chances of an electric shock.

Austin Heating and Air Safety Tips Help Keep Your Home Warm, Safe Throughout the Winter

MLD HVAC is a full-service company specializing in HVAC Austin residents rely on to keep their homes comfortable all winter and throughout the year. Contact the Austin heating and air experts for with any questions on the proper use of space heaters, and for all of your HVAC installation and repair needs.

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