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Why Steam is Coming Out of Your Heat Pump’s Outdoor Unit

According to heating and air experts, every heat pump system comes with an outdoor unit. With outdoor units, heat pumps are able to work more efficiently when it comes to warming up your home during the winter season. However, once winter passes, some homeowners tend to go into a panic when they see the outdoor unit steaming. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about a thing, as experts say that this is actually a good thing.

Here’s why:

If steam is coming off your outdoor unit after the winter season, any heating repair expert will tell you this is a good thing, because it means that the outdoor unit has entered defrost mode. Since the outdoor unit is constantly exposed to cold winter weather, its coils can gradually build up frost or even ice over the season, causing it to lose efficiency as time goes by. By entering defrost mode every now and then, the outdoor unit is actually keeping itself clear for proper airflow, allowing your heat pump to run more efficiently in the process.

When to Call a Technician

As stated before, a steaming outdoor unit that enters defrost mode is a good thing. This means you don’t actually have to call a technician for help. However, such a unit should only enter defrost mode periodically, unless your area is suffering from severe weather conditions such as heavy snowfall, strong rains or sleet. If your unit is constantly entering defrost mode even when it doesn’t need to, on the other hand, it’s possible that it might be suffering from issues such as bad defrost control, low charge or a bad outdoor fan motor. In this case, you’ll need the aid of a technician to fix the problem.

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