Why is My Home So Dusty?

Of all the necessary jobs in your home, dusting may be the most bothersome: it’s tedious, boring, and no matter how much or how often it’s done, it sometimes seems as though it builds up again in a matter of days.

This should not be the case. It actually may be an indication of a more significant problem with the air filtration system or the ductwork in the house. One of the ways to determine the nature of the problem is to pay closer attention to the house’s physical environment. For example, any of these could be symptoms of a possible larger issue:

  • Lint build-up on vents
  • Cold spots in the house
  • Humid air
  • Cracks in windows that need to be sealed

If you’ve noticed any or all of these, it may be time to have a professional determine if a repair to your home’s HVAC system is necessary.

Excessive Dust and Your Health

Proper air quality is crucial in anyone’s home or workspace, so it’s not something one wants to play games with. People don’t ordinarily think of dust build-up as a leading contributor to health issues, when in fact, it’s actually one of the leading factors stemming from the home environment.

Not only is breathing difficulty a possibility – which can lead to general physical discomfort – but bad air quality is also a primary cause of asthma, allergies, recurrent headaches, poor sleep, and an inability to concentrate. You want to ensure that you and your family have clean air to breathe, and making sure that your HVAC system is filtering dust properly and that the air is traveling through your home efficiently is the first and best thing to do.

Possible Causes

One of our certified MLD HVAC technicians will thoroughly check both your home and its air filtration system. Two of the typical causes that need to be addressed are listed here:

  • Faulty Air Ducts: One of the more apparent problems we encounter is air ducts that are either not adequately sealed or have leaky joints. Over time, this can lead to pollution, pollen, and humid outside air entering your home. Humid air provides the perfect environment for a build-up of fungi, mold, and dust mites.
  • Air Filters: If these have not been cleaned or replaced regularly, they may have a layer of dust on them that essentially renders them ineffective, allowing unfiltered, dusty air into your home.

If your HVAC system is overworking, resulting in more energy usage, costlier utility bills, and a drain on your finances.

Dust Prevention

If you begin to notice increasing dust build-up, you can take some immediate initial steps to address the problem. Things like ensuring that your filters have been cleaned or changed, any ducts are sealed, possibly placing a humidifier in your home, and even making sure that no one wears shoes inside the house can decrease dust accumulation. All of those are leading ways dust is dragged into and around your home.

If your problem persists, we at MLD HVAC in Austin stand ready to help. We pride ourselves on having earned a reputation for providing exceptional service in the North Austin area and getting the job done. Call us today at (512) 572-5591 and allow us to show you are important by promptly and efficiently addressing your concerns.

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