What You Need to Know About NATE Certification

North American Technician Excellence is an independent organization that certifies technicians through a knowledge-based test. NATE certification is one of the most reputable certifications in the HVAC industry.

In this article, a reliable HVAC services company discusses what you need to know about NATE certification and its importance to customers.

How to Become NATE-Certified

For NATE certification, it’s mandatory to pass both core and specialty sections of either an installation or service test with a score of 70 or higher. Some of the specialties include heat pumps, air conditioning, air distribution and gas heat. The NATE exam is comprehensive and requires extensive knowledge in order for a technician to pass and excel.

Hiring an HVAC technician who’s NATE-certified is the best way to achieve optimal comfort in your home. It means you’re employing a professional who’s considered the best in the business and offers efficient, timely solutions for your heating and cooling needs.

The Benefits of NATE Certification

Technicians who’ve earned NATE certification are generally preferred among air conditioner repair and heater installation customers. They encounter significantly fewer callbacks and are known to generate more income for their employers or contractors. They also typically demonstrate greater value to both employers and customers than non-certified technicians.

It’s a well-known fact that reputable HVAC contractors prefer NATE-certified technicians since they remain in the business far longer and can be trusted to do the job right the first time. Similarly, meticulous customers check for NATE certification because they’re seeking a knowledgeable technician who’s equipped with years of experience and up-to-date installation techniques.

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