Variable-Speed HVAC Systems & Their Benefits

Your HVAC system plays an important role in keeping your home’s indoor air clean and safe to breathe and your indoor air quality high. It also keeps indoor temperatures comfortable despite the weather outside, be it a cold winter day or a hot summer night. With proper care and maintenance, you can be sure that it will last as long as it’s expected to.

Variable-Speed HVAC Systems & Their Benefits

If you’ve already had your HVAC system for many years and are looking to upgrade soon, then we recommend getting a variable-speed system. You’ve probably heard of these in recent years, yet may not really know how they work. A variable-speed system is not only energy efficient, it also has a longer equipment life and helps improve your home’s indoor air quality!

As a trusted contractor in air conditioning and heater installation, MLD HVAC Services only wants what’s best for your home. To understand how you can benefit from a variable-speed system, let’s look into how it works:

What’s a Variable-Speed HVAC System?

Traditional HVAC systems only operate at a single speed, so you just turn them on or off. As for two-stage systems, they operate at two speeds–high and low. On the other hand, a variable-speed system operates at multiple speeds and can be adjusted depending on the heating or cooling needs of your home. A variable-speed furnace and an air conditioner that’s equipped with a variable-speed fan motor will aid in regulating airflow in conjunction with the heating or cooling output.

One of the reasons why a variable-speed system is recommended by many heater installation professionals is because, unlike a traditional system, it doesn’t need to operate at full capacity all the time. If you’ve heard about the term modulated heating or air conditioning, then you know that this basically means the heating or cooling effect automatically raises or lowers. In other words, it depends on fluctuating outdoor temperatures. For instance, if the outside temperature is 80° Fahrenheit and your thermostat is set at 74°, your HVAC system would only need to compensate for the 6° difference, which it can handle at around 30% capacity.

How Can You Benefit From a Variable-Speed HVAC System?

A variable-speed system can switch between different power modes instead of turning on at full capacity to regulate your home’s indoor temperature. It doesn’t need 100% power to carry out one or even several degrees of heating every time it comes on during the day: it only uses the amount of power needed to do the job. 

Because of a greater range of output options, variable-speed systems provide the most effective modulating ability, which means greater efficiency since you’ll save both energy and money. This provides many benefits as well, such as:

Improved comfort indoors – Traditional single-speed motors always run full-blast until the desired temperature is reached, then turn off. Variable-speed HVAC systems run for longer periods of time at lower speeds. This results in better humidity control, as indoor temperatures stay more constant, often with just a tenth of a degree of variation.

  • Better energy efficiency – With a variable-speed HVAC system, your home becomes more energy efficient, as it will have a smaller carbon footprint. Variable-speed systems have the ability to adjust the energy output of their motor during specific heating or cooling time frames, preventing your air conditioner or furnace from running at full capacity every time the HVAC system kicks on.

Switching to certain types of variable-speed equipment helps reduce your energy usage by as much as 50 percent, so you’ll definitely see significant savings on your monthly energy costs. If environmental protection and reduced energy costs are important to you and your family, you won’t go wrong with installing a variable-speed HVAC system.

  • Better air quality – Knowing that the air inside your home has the potential to carry many different types of contaminants, you’re also likely concerned about indoor air quality. In fact, prolonged exposure to airborne contaminants such as pet dander, pollen, mold spores, lead, asbestos and carbon monoxide is detrimental to your health. You won’t need to worry about this problem with a variable-speed HVAC system, however.

While all HVAC systems are built with a filtration system that helps eliminate contaminant particles  from the air inside your home, continuous air circulation is necessary in order for the HVAC filter to remove these particles effectively. Of course, single-speed systems won’t maintain air circulation while in the “off” position; air only moves when a single-speed HVAC system turns on, allowing contaminants to remain suspended in the air you breathe inside your home. 

With a variable-speed HVAC system, it keeps air moving through your home’s air ducts continuously. This constant air circulation ensures that you maximize the performance of your filtration system so that your home’s interior will always have good air quality.

  • Better dehumidification – Technicians in HVAC services know that a single-speed system only cycles on and off in response to temperature needs, not humidity levels. A variable-speed system can dehumidify your home at greater levels of efficiency than a single-speed one. In fact, a heat pump with variable speeds will remove more moisture from the air, as it operates at a lower power setting for a longer and steadier period of time.
  • Reduced noise pollution – Your home should be a place of rest and relaxation. This can be disrupted by a single-speed HVAC system because of the noise it makes. This can also lead to insomnia for some people since they find it difficult to sleep while their single-speed HVAC system is running.
  • Prolonged exposure to noise pollution has been reported to cause high blood pressure, heart disease and increased levels of stress. But you won’t have to worry about sleepless nights any longer with a variable-speed HVAC system since it produces less noise while heating and cooling your home.

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