Tips to Prevent HVAC-Related Carbon Monoxide Leaks

A heater or furnace in operation produces carbon monoxide (CO) within the heat exchanger, which is a metal wall or tubing that heats up when the burners ignite. Sometimes, CO can leak out of the equipment, which is a bad thing if it becomes concentrated within an enclosed space. While it’s good to have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home in cases like this, you also need to pay attention to your home’s heating unit.

Local heating and air conditioning repair contractor MLD Services shares these tips to prevent HVAC-related carbon monoxide leaks.

Schedule HVAC inspections. Hiring an HVAC contractor to schedule a heating system inspection is a great way to ensure the unit’s long-term performance and efficiency. With the expertise of a certified technician, you can learn whether or not your furnace is leaking CO. Dirty equipment or components and a cracked heat exchanger are some of the common sources of CO leakage the HVAC pros may detect during their inspections.

Avoid backdrafts. Pressure differences inside your home can prevent furnaces and other kinds of heating systems from exhausting properly. This means backdrafting can occur, which means the CO that the unit produces returns indoors instead of being released outside. This can happen even when there are no signs of cracks or leaks on the equipment. A heating repair technician can provide a solution depending on the specific problem. In some cases, the old furnace may have to be replaced with a better, more energy-efficient model.

Change the air filter regularly. Airflow backing up in your heating system is one of the common causes of carbon monoxide leaks. Prevent this by making it a habit to clean or replace dirty furnace filters throughout the heating season to allow the unit to breathe easily while in operation.

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