Promises Kept

When our 28-year-old AC finally quit for good, we sought recommendations from all of our friends and neighbors. We narrowed it down to three dealers, all of whom did extensive on-site analysis of our needs and presented proposals that were very similar in terms of equipment size, type and cost. Here’s why we selected MLD. They gave us the sense that our business was important to them, and they were able to arrange financing that was far better than what their competitors could offer. Here’s why we know we made the right decision. Nine days after the system was installed, and two days before we were expecting house guests, it stopped cooling. I called-in a trouble report at 9 pm and received a text within 15 minutes that they would be out the next morning. True to their word, a technician was at our gate at 8:30 am and spent several hours fixing a rare problem with the compressor. Everyone talks about customer service. MLD actually delivers on their promise. I recommend them wholeheartedly. – S. Jay Siefert

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