HVAC Considerations When Buying a Home: A Checklist

Buying a house is an important investment you should put your a lot of time and effort into. Always remember to focus not just on the aesthetic appeal of the residential property you’re eyeing, but also its expensive components. In addition to the roofing system, plumbing and electrical wiring, you should also pay close attention to the HVAC system.

Today, local AC and heater installation contractor MLD Services provides a checklist to help you determine whether or not the heating and cooling system of the home you’re looking into buying is still in good condition.

Age & Condition of the HVAC Unit

Find out how old the home comfort system was before the previous homeowner placed the property up for sale. Ask them if the current unit was the first one installed or if it replaced the previous one. Learning about its age will help you decide if it needs to be replaced. HVAC experts consider a 10-year-old unit to be old, while a 20-year-old one is much closer to the end of its lifespan.

Maintenance Records

Next, find out if the previous owner was enrolled in an HVAC maintenance program. If so, make sure to reach out to the HVAC services contractor who has done the work. These records will help keep the unit within the warranty and help you learn about its overall condition. Regular maintenance ensures not only long-term heating and cooling performance but also consistent comfort in your new home.

HVAC System Efficiency

Heating and cooling make up about half of the energy used in an average household, which is why you should also consider the HVAC system’s efficiency when you buy a home. The more energy-efficient the unit is, the more savings you can achieve on your energy bill. Check the unit’s energy efficiency ratings; generally, the higher the rating, the lower its operating costs.

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