How to Manage Your Allergies in the Winter

Having allergies can be tough sometimes, especially if you have pets. Fortunately, allergies are fairly easy to control so long as you take precautions to keep them at bay. But when they flare up during the winter, they tend to be even more intense and stressful to manage. To help you alleviate the symptoms, our heating and air conditioning team at MLD HVAC Services explains what you need to know here:

How to Manage Your Allergies in the Winter

Why Do Allergies Worsen in the Winter?

Unlike the summer when you can enjoy fresh air and sunlight outside, you spend most of your time indoors throughout the winter season. This means you’re more exposed to the allergens that are typically in your home. Whether you have pets or not, the dander that’s been in your ducts for years can be blown out and start circulating, which causes certain allergies that you’ll only experience in the winter.

If you haven’t used your furnace in months, turning it on for the first time in the winter can often stir up a lot of accumulated allergens and circulate them along with the warm air that keeps your interior warm and comfortable. You can always clean out your ductwork to remove the dust yourself, but it’s better to have it done by an air conditioning and heating repair technician for a more thorough job. You can also have them install new filters in your furnace so you can keep the indoor air clean.

How You Can Keep Allergies at Bay

To ensure that your allergies don’t get worse during the winter season, we recommend that you take steps to control triggers in your home. This means using a dehumidifier to lower indoor humidity levels, which also reduces dust mites and mold. Mold and dust mites thrive when indoor humidity is above 50 percent, so if you keep the indoor humidity level below 35 or 45 percent, then your allergies won’t be triggered as much.

You may also want to consider installing a HEPA filter on your central furnace, as this can help trap dust mites and mold spores from the entire house. This is especially recommended if you have pets at home. Make sure to wash your sheets and blankets weekly in hot water to eliminate any dust collected on them.

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