3 Signs You Need Duct Repairs

Ducts are a crucial part of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Sadly, many homeowners fail to give much thought to the condition of their air ducts until problems arises It’s important to address issues with your ductwork in a timely manner, as faulty ducts can quickly increase the amount of wear and tear on your HVAC equipment.

In this blog, a trusted heating and air company shares three telltale signs that it’s time to get your ducts repaired or even replaced.

1. There are noises coming from your ducts. Do you hear whistling, low humming or banging noises when your heating or cooling system turns on? These suspicious noises are likely caused by excess airflow or uneven pressure within your ducts. It is also possible that your ducts are carrying the sound of the fan inside your HVAC device. Make sure to call a local technician to get your ducts repaired or thoroughly cleaned.

2. There’s a musty or moldy smell in your house. There could be a problem with your air ducts if you’re smelling a persistent musty or moldy odor throughout your living space. This issue may intensify during long, hot days when you use your air conditioner non-stop. An air conditioning repair specialist recommends having your ducts cleaned since contaminants and unhealthy particulates can linger in the air and trigger allergic reactions in residents.

3. There are cold and hot spots throughout your house. If the temperature throughout your home seems to vary from room to room, then there’s probably an issue with your air ducts. A blocked vent is a common reason for uneven heating and cooling. However, it’s also possible that your ductwork has air leaks from holes or loose joints. Otherwise, debris that’s accumulated in your ducts may be blocking the flow of air.

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